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If you are a racing fanatic, which based on the fact that you are on this site, you probably are, then you are probably up to date on everything that is going on in the motor racing world. So, we thought we would dive into a bigger picture look at racing and how it connects with us a people. What is the reason that so many people are connected to the sport and fall in love with its competitors? Is there anything more to the sport than seeing loud cars go fast and hoping your guy wins? We are going to take an in-depth look at those questions and more in this post.

There are a few different ways in which the world of racing relates to our everyday life. Competition is at the heart of our drive to succeed and become better people in the process. If there were no competition involved, even if it is just competition to beat your own best performance, then there would be no drive towards progress. So, the first thing that we can all understand is that any form of competition is going to connect with the human spirit and we will identify with that particular kind of struggle.

A second thing to consider with the world of racing is that it is an odd sport because it is strangely an individual sport, and a team sport, all at the same time. The individual racer has to out drive their competition on the track, but there is a whole crew working on all of the ins and outs of the car that keep that driver competing at a top level and the car running most efficiently. This is easily relatable to our lives. We are all out in the world competing to perform at our absolute best, and to beat out any competition, but we are not alone. We need our support systems, family, friends, and partners, to be able to succeed. One of the biggest downfalls of a racer can be to forget their crew’s importance in a win. So, be sure to remember how important your support system is in life. It will help you become more successful and it will make your “crew” better than you could ever imagine.

Another interesting thing from the world of racing is that you can’t exactly compete in the Indy 500 with a 2005 Suburban. The racing world requires specific cars that are designed to handle the high speeds and intense competition. Without a great car, even the greatest of drivers would be reduced to second-class competition. The same thing can be applied to our lives. The tools and equipment that we choose for our tasks and our goal accomplishment are important. When you are choosing your tools for work or even your personal hobbies, invest in the best tools you can. This way you will always compete at a high level, and win the race!

Racing Is Our Passion

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Racing is one of the most popular sports in history. There are a ton of different types of racing. Let’s make a list:

  •       Car racing
  •       Boat racing
  •       Motorcycle racing
  •       Horse racing
  •       Humans on foot racing
  •       Dog Racing
  •       Pig Racing
  •       Chariot racing

This is just the short list; I am sure there are a million more I can’t even think of. The oldest form of racing on this list is Chariot Racing and it is still around today. Chariot racing began in Rome and Greece as early as 77 B.C. It is believed chariot racing was one of the events that founded the Olympic games.

The chariots were war chariots that had been changed. They were basically wooden carts with 2 wheels and an open back. It usually had 2 horses and one driver. It is probably how horse racing was established as well. In the beginning it was a very bumpy ride that often ended in injury or  death for both the driver and the horses.

There is still chariot racing going on today. The carts have been modified for safety of course. Today they often host shows and races that include exotic cars and exotic racing chariot carts as well. It is not surprising that the cars are paired with this racing sport. Why do you think car engines are referred to as having horse power? It is where the term originated.

Since I live in Las Vegas I have to reference the idea that betting also goes hand in hand with racing. Betting on horse races is legal in many states. I have attended horse races and the let me tell you it is a blast. The adrenaline of cheering your horse on to the finish line is something everyone should try once. The Kentucky Derby is this most prestigious horse race there is. I will go someday and wear a big fancy hat while drinking a Mint Julep.


I Love This Stuff…


“Boogity, Boogity, Boogity, Boys – Let’s go Racing”. If you are a NASCAR fan, then you know this phrase well. If you are new to racing or NASCAR let me share a few facts with you:

  •       It was founded in 1948 and the CEO today is the grandson of the founder, Bill France
  •       Race track stadiums can hold 170,000 spectators and there are 75 million fans in America
  •       Racecars reach speeds over 150 mph. Often averaging speeds around 180 mph and as fast as 200 mph
  •       It gets very hot in the car and the driver can lose 5-10 pounds in sweat during a race. Hydration is extremely important

I actually had the pleasure of seeing a NASCAR race here in Las Vegas Nevada in 2004. It was an amazing experience that I would highly recommend to anyone who loves excitement.

Other kinds of racing include sprint cars, stock cars and truck racing. Something I grew up watching was stock racing on dirt tracks. My father was a pit crew boss, my cousin was a top rated driver, and I have a brother who still continues to race stock cars. There are general 3 types of cars:

  •       Street stock – a car that has not been modified from its original engine
  •       Super stock – this class allows for modifications to the engine
  •       Late model or Modified – these are the highest and fastest class and has you can guess, have been modified to improve performance

Stock car racing (which was the beginning of NASCAR) came about because during prohibition bootleggers would outrun the cops. They started making adjustments to their cars and traveling in packs for safety. For fun, they would oftenNascar start racing each other. The problem with this was lack of rules. That is why NASCAR eventually got started. The rules kept the cars equal to each other.

As humans, most of us love to race. Whether it is racing to the front of the line, getting ahead of the car next to us, or racing the person on the treadmill next to you. It is our blood. The Olympic games are based on it. Who’s the best, the fastest, or the most accurate. I mean, let’s face it, didn’t every little boy and some of the girls want to be a race car driver when they little.

Just because you didn’t become a professional race car driver doesn’t mean you can’t fulfill your childhood dreams. Right here in Las Vegas they have an attraction called Exotic Racing. You can choose your poison. Is it a Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari, Corvette, or whatever else you can think of? Once you have arrived at Exotic Racing you will attend a briefing followed by a technical instruction giving you a better idea of how to handle and drive on the track. You will then get to ride along in a Porsche SUV, driven by the lead instructor. The instructor will show you racing techniques you learned in the instruction part. Then you meet your personal driving instructor who will sit in the passenger during your driving experience. The instructor ensures that you take full advantage of the car, while operating in a safe environment. After your driving experience you will receive a certificate of completion.

Racing is something people of all ages can enjoy. It also makes a great family outing or going with a group of friends. It is exciting and every person who is leaving a race they just watched is a little bit heavier on the gas pedal than when they arrived.

If you want to get your heart racing, then go find a race track and sit back and enjoy.

Boat Racing



When you think of boat racing or regattas, most people don’t think of Las Vegas since it is in the middle of the desert. Would you be surprised to know that boat races and regattas are commonplace in sin city? I know I was. Right around Las Vegas area there is Lake Mead and Lake Las Vegas. One of good friends who owns a Las Vegas Window Tint company has a super badass boat that we take out to Lake Mead every month. Needless to say we have a lot of fun down here in the desert.


Lake Las Vegas in an artificial lake that hosts Annual Rose Regatta Dragon Boat Festival. Obviously since regattas are usually sailboats or rowed water craft, this is not a high speed race. It is however, for a good cause. The race was established to raise money for breast cancer.


If speed is what you are looking for then you might want to check out drag boat racing. There are races all over the US and some as close as Corona, California. The basics are pretty much the same as car drag racing. It is usually a straight quarter mile stretch. The difference is boats use a slight moving start and cannot cross the start line until the light turns green. One of the classes of this type of racing is the hydroplane boats. These boats can reach speeds up to 235 miles per hour. Pretty scary going that fast when the only way you can steer is through your throttle.


Sprint boat racing is another thing that makes you go “how do they do that?”.  The jet boats have a crew of two people who are racing against the clock. They maneuver their boats through a twisting series of channels in less than a meter of water as fast as they can. Talk about no room for error. This takes a highly skilled boat captain. The driver and the navigator have to have impeccable communication which is usually transmitted through hand signals for where and when to turn. This takes ultimate teamwork and trust for your mate.

There are so many types of boat racing I am sure you can find something to fit your style. There is yacht racing, sailboat racing, jet boat racing, drag boat racing, and the list goes on. As humans we all carry competition within us. It is how we survived on this planet. If you weren’t competitive you would starve. With our competitive nature we also enjoy watching others compete. That’s why boat racing, car racing, foot racing, and horse racing are such popular events for people to attend. We get an adrenaline rush watching just as much as the competitors do competing. We root for our winner and it is an emotional roller coaster watching them waiting to see if they are going to win or lose.

Whether they win or lose there will always be another race to watch or compete in.

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